Team #happiesbetter

Founder, Robyn Jennings

born in SF Bay. educated at Saint Mary's College & Simmons University. street trained in three continents. current occupation: social worker and mental health advocate. loves sports on boards, being outside, & dancing. lives AMAP (as mindfully as possible) in Northern CA. practices self-compassion and intentional living. devoted to perseverance. believes mh resources are a human right. shares wearable reminders as a tool for people working to care for mental wellness. gives to organizations creating positive change in mh. connects kids, teens & students to wellness practices through BE Fest. inspired by lessons throughout lifelong mental illness and the many helpful people & tools encountered on the way.  




Creative Consultant, Jayme Kay Kugley

Jayme, Colorado grown, has lived and worked in Northern California for more than a decade.  Her natural creativity shines through design and attention to the tiniest details. Each project Jayme finishes is special because of her unique style.  She lives in Granite Bay with her husband, two daughters & Aspen the lab. 






Barbara Brooks, Photographer

Barb is from Menlo Park, California.  She's an authentic, creative entrepreneur with many tricks & talents. She's passionate about photography because it allows her to capture and freeze real moments, forever.  She's devoted to her tribe: husband Kevin, their three kids, and Charlotte the pup.  She came on board team #happiesbetter as a generous collaborator and brings out the best in each photo-op.