First post


This is a really big day for me and happiesbetter.  It's finally launch day! This is the beginning of something so special and powerful; I'm STOKED that YOU are here and welcome to our amazing community.  

People are asking me lots of questions about happiesbetter.  They want a definition, a quick answer, an easy explanation, or something they can relate it to. I TOTALLY understand.  I GET IT.  But I can't hand that to you.  That is what's so fucking cool about it.  YOU get to decide what happiesbetter is for YOU.  That's the "i".  It's personal.  But keep reading, because this might help a little...

What it is:

it's a mantra.  It's a word that you can say, whenever the hell you need to say it, to effectively b- slap you back to center.  Worrying about stupid stuff?  Spending time with the wrong people?  Feeling poorly about your nutrition?  Not moving your precious body?  Friend, it's a lifestyle.  We must breathe deeply and help deliver oxygen through our blood, we have to eat well, and moving our bodies keeps us feeling alive.  Last, happiesbetter is about owning the sum of our CHOICES....and choices are something we actually control. 

What it isn't:

a fashion brand, a life-coaching program, a weight-loss regime, a personal blog, a hobby, a lecture, a judgement, etc. And it isn't for everybody.  And that's okay.  If it's not for you...carry on and much love anyway.  But you're here...and I'm thinking that you're curious, and you want some happiesbetter. Hell YEAH!  Let's do this.

The HATS! The HATS! I'm super excited about our first run of mantra hats.  We've got fun colors, pick your pleasure.  I'm working on men's hats right now and we have more apparel coming soon.  I can't wait to see a picture of you in your mantra hat, working on your happiesbetter!  Please, please, please post and tag with #happiesbetter, @happiesbetter.

I want to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to my amazing husband, my gorgeous friends, and my kids.  All have supported me (some of you for years) and helped deliver me to this moment with happiesbetter.  We are going to have SO MUCH FUN watching this grow and evolve.  









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